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10 Ways to Substitute your Carbohydrates with Protein and Fibre Packed Vegetables

t’s still the beginning of 2018 so most people are still on crazy health rage that only disappears shortly. Instead of making health a fad, why not make it a lifestyle choice. Don’t diet and eat food that tastes bad or that you not used too. It will never last. Health needs to be incorporated into our everyday lives such that you live and breathe it. With children, this is more difficult as you don’t want to prepare separate meals for them especially if you are a working mother or full time mother who is tight on time. My husband and I have been eating this for years and we love it! When I was a vegetarian, I realised that it’s so easy to go carb heavy when you don’t eat much protein based dishes. Did you know that a small bowl of pasta can be 250 calories for instance, cooked with water and salt, no sauce, condiments or additional ingredients considered! I have included 12 examples of how to replace refined carbohydrates with fibre-rich vegetables, an easy win and you don’t lose on the taste but save loads of calories! Delicious and packed with protein, vitamins and essential minerals!


Substitute this with beetroot, broccoli or cauliflower rice. It’s quick and easy to make. You need a food processor to grind the vegetable into rice like pieces. These can be frozen if you want to use it later or microwaved immediately for a quick dish. Condiments such as a small bit of butter, salt, pepper, harissa spice. garlic flakes, paprika or chilli can be added for an extra kick! You can also try making a risotto with this one!


Replace this with butternut or courgette spaghetti. Use a spiraliser to create these very easily. You need to skin the vegetables and then slice them into pieces that fit the spiraliser. Steam, microwave or sauté then add your usual pasta sauce and voila!


Replace the pasta sheets with butternut, aubergine or courgette slices. Skin and slice the vegetables really thinly to mimic the pasta slices. Cook as per your normal lasagne recipe. Moussaka is this Greek version of lasagne using aubergine so can be considered too!

Pizza, Quiche or Calzone

Try a cauliflower crust pizza and you can eat way more slices! Mix almond flour (or a bit of wheat if you stuck), cauliflower rice and eggs to make a lighter gluten free pizza base. This will hit to spot for sure!


Have you tried using grilled portobello mushrooms to replace the bun? Low calorie, low carb!


If you squint really hard, grilled sweet potato slices can do a really good job. Bake for 15-20 minutes then enjoy with your usual toast spreads.

Tacos, Burritos and Wraps

Replace your usual taco shells or wraps that you buy or make with lettuce or cabbage leaves. Choose the right sized leaves or bring a couple together to form one large wrap. No need to cook or you can give it a good steam if you want!


This is now becoming so popular in many gastropubs, cauliflower steak. Slice, marinate with preferred condiments and olive oil, and grill!


Again, cauliflower wins the day. Boil and mash like you would potatoes. Add pepper, salt and a small bit of butter or cream for taste.


Now sushi can get even healthier. Add a bit of cream cheese to the cauliflower rice and also a small amount of rice vinegar for flavour! Works a treat!


Well, chick peas are healthy and packed with protein but if you want a slightly lighter alternative, try steaming cauliflower, then blending with a bit of almond butter, lemon juice, paprika, Himalayan salt, garlic plus olive oil for a delicious alternative for hummus


Yes, you can even replace your rice pudding for a delicious cauliflower rice dessert!

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