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Top 12 Baby Friendly Things to See & Do in San Francisco

Here’s a list of our top 12 things to do in and around San Francisco with a baby. The city and hotels were exceptionally accommodating and friendly! The service was impeccable especially because we travelled with a baby. Baby changing facilities are almost everywhere and if you are stuck, just drop by a Starbucks. The city has a rule whereby taxis are exempt from car seats so you don’t need one. Lyft and Uber and easily available. Parking is very difficult to find so please don’t attempt to drive around the inner city centre to save time and hassle. We easily travelled with a stroller/buggy and all the places below allow this unless noted.

1) Pier 39

Stroll around to try the clam chowder and see the seals. Take in the views of Alcatraz. Stroller/buggy friendly access. Wrap up warm please as it gets windy here, usually a couple degrees colder than the rest of the city! Baby will definitely need 1-2 extra layers here.

2) The Painted Ladies

Spend a couple hours here seeing this famous sight but also spend some time with your little one in Alamo Square Park across the road. There’s an awesome play ground. Note that there is no cafe or baby changing facility close by here!

3) Union Square

Take a break to go shopping and sit in the Square just to people watch and have a cup of coffee. You have your choice of all the big brands, Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstrom and Macy’s

4) Sausalito

Easily accessible for babies and relaxed for a cool stroll and wander into the many shops. Take in the views from the bayside restaurants. There’s a few to choose from. We loved this neck of the woods

5) Golden Gate Park

This includes a botanical garden and a really cool Science Museum. Kids will love it so check it out!

6) Museums

San Francisco has so many cool museums to visit including the California Academy of Science in the Golden Gate Park. There’s also the Children’s Creativity Museum and the Exploratorium.

7) Cable Cars

This is an easy ride for you and baby to take in the city views. You will have to fold a stroller to get on and off so please travel with a stroller that folds small as space is tight!

8) The Crookedest Road or Lombard Street

NOTE that this is not buggy friendly! Amazing views and a good walk up and down the stairs of this winding road. Cars take the bends really slowly but there is just no access facility for strollers so please use a sling!

9) Alcatraz

NOTE that this is not buggy friendly! Please use a sling. Alcatraz is also extremely unprotected re weather conditions and very exposed so please wrap baby warm if going here. You will need to purchase tickets at least two weeks in advance as these sell out real easy!

10) Golden Gate Bridge

You can’t leave San Fran without a notable picture here. There are many spots around the bridge for picture taking. However, unless it’s warm and not windy, I don’t recommend walking across the bridge with your baby as the traffic flow is fast and creates a lot windy

11) Napa Valley

This is so worth a day trip or even a couple nights out here. The wines were amazing and it’s only 1 hour out of the city. Very baby friendly re stroller access and changing facilities, but of course please make sure on adult is not drinking when travelling with children. And it goes without saying, please don’t drink and drive! The Vineyards we went to were very welcoming towards babies (Rutherford Hill, Robert Mondavi and Domaine Carneros). We drove out here so car hire is a good option if you staying a night else there are many tours that will take you out here too!

12) Berkeley

Visit this neighbourhood to see the historic University of Berkeley campus and also have a feel of student life like back in the day. Very quaint little suburb. Loads of cinemas and cute restaurants to eat at.

I personally wouldn’t recommend Haight Ashbury with a baby. We didn’t get a safe feel with all the homeless people around. Please don’t walk the streets of San Francisco too late at night for this reason too, unless you are in a busy area and with a crowd.

We never do planned tours in general as we like bespoke trips but this time we did the Big Bus Tour which was fabulous with a baby. It went to all the major stops and saved us the hassle of finding parking or a taxi. Just remember to travel light though as you will have to unpack and pack your stroller each time you embark the bus.

It’s a fantastic city so do enjoy!

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