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The Nursery Edit: Must Have Items for Your New Born Baby

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, I remember the excitement to prepare the nursery and buy cute little clothes for Alexander With the vast options, choosing what items to have in the nursery was confusing though, there's now so many new items that are meant to make life for a new parent easier. I found it difficult to ascertain which items were must haves, which were nice to haves and which were just plain pretty to add for aesthetic appeal. Having been there done that, here are my recommended practical must have items for your new born baby, to help you settle into this new journey of parenthood easily (so you get as much of a good night's sleep as possible) and your new baby settle comfortably into his/her exciting world.

The first three months of a baby's life, also known as the fourth trimester, requires dedication to making baby feel cocooned, like they are still in your uterus. This is why many products are centred around making baby feel snug and cozy. Babies this young can also not see a far distance (approximately 30 cm only) and see black and white only, so neutral pastel nursery themes tend to be popular nowadays as they don't provide too much distraction and encourage a child's imagination.

I've included a list of my must-have items, from brands that I have used and loved. There's also some splurge luxury items, if you want to deck out the nursery in a few even more fabulous items!

Much Love

Shanti | The Kensington Diary


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