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5 Best Snorkelling Spots for Young Kids in the Seychelles

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The Seychelles is a snorkelling haven not just for adults, but also kids, even the young ones! Think turquoise crystal clear waters, calm waves, sandy beaches, gorgeous corals and plenty of sea life to sea and identify.

As an archipelagic island country with over 100 islands, you are spoilt for choice. Aside from the private islands stays, staying at Mahe and Praslin, the largest islands in the Seychelles usually are most popular due to their numerous family friendly choices and proximity to smaller islands for exploration.

Of course, on each island you are likely to find plenty of great snorkelling spots that are accessible from the beach. We, however, chose both to dive at different sites and loved exploring different islands by speed boat during April, when the waters are at it's clearest and calmest for off-shore snorkelling. This allowed us access to some of the best snorkelling sites in the region. Usually we were accompanied by the boat skipper who knew these areas really well, could offer advice on the best spots near a particular island and could also could help us spot different sea life.

We acclimatized our 4 year old by taking him to the pool and practicing wearing a junior snorkel mask and fins, which we sourced from Decathlon. Practicing the sensation of being underwater, wearing a mask, and being able to breath underwater whilst swimming is essential and your child should be at a comfortable level before you take them out. A couple of sessions in and he couldn't wait to explore the waters with us! Needless to say, he also had tons of swimming lessons before and was able to float and tread the water.

Whilst, you will be able to rent a mask and fins from your hotel or diving centre, it is advisable to take a mask and fins for younger children, where sizes might be more difficult to source.

Prepare to see an extensive array of marine life including angel fish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, turtles, sting ray and maybe even a manta ray or dolphin if you are in luck!

One of the golden rules when snorkelling in the Seychelles, or anywhere else in the world, is to never touch, hold or stand on the coral. During the 1998 natural phenomenon, El Nino, a large proportion of coral was bleached in the Indian Ocean. However, there are still some areas where coral is still intact, beautiful and colourful. There are great efforts at bay to regrow the coral in the Seychelles, and this should be respected.

Ile Therese

This is a small relatively unknown island off the western coast of Mahe. However, the sea life is extensive and reef generally easy to navigate. You can also visit the sister island, Conception Island.

Coco and Felicite Island

Both these islands form part of the Coco National Park and are close to La Digue so are usually visited in a single boat trip. Their waters are home to a extensive variety of underwater life, so it's worth snorkelling by each of them. Felicite Island is also home to the Six Senses Resort.

La Digue

Snorkelling here is accessible from most beaches but you are bound to visit Anse Source L'Agent Beach, also known as the world's most photographed and beautiful beach, which is amazing and truly does justice to all the photos you see. It has a very shallow reef so fins and or reef shoes are must both for accessibility and safety. Anse Severe and Anse Caiman are alternate beaches for snorkelling on this island.

Port Launay

At Port Launay you can snorkel on two beaches, Port Launay North, and Port Launay South (Anse Islette). Both bays have calm, flat waters, perfect for a relaxed snorkelling session near the shore and are accessible from the Constance Ephelia Resort. You have to swim ~30 meters in to see rife marine life and there is a possibility to spot turtles too.

Happy Snorkelling!

Much Love


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