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5 Luxurious & Convenient Easter Half-Term Destinations for Families

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Half term breaks are coming soon! We are really excited for the Easter break with 4 weeks off in late March to mid-April. It's the perfect time to start exploring locations outside the cold transition that Europe presents between Winter and Spring.

If you are looking for sunny locations with warm beaches, family friendly resorts or boutique hotels and a plethora of activities, read further. At all locations, there is also the opportunity for us parents to get plenty of rest!

1) Seychelles

With it's location in the middle of the Indian ocean, a tropical climate and close proximity to the equator, the Seychelles is perfect during the Easter half term break.

March and April present a perfect climate in Seychelles with ample warmth, but not much winds and relatively standard humidity compared to the rest of the year. April is a partially rainy month but the rain tends to be in short bursts which might represent a blessing in the relatively high humidity. In the evening, even though the temperatures drop, it still is warm. Temperatures reach a peak of 32 °C and come at a low of 22 °C at night.

For families, the main island of Mahe is easy to reach via indirect flights from the UK with Emirates, Qatar, Swiss, and other European airlines. You can easily transfer to other islands like Praslin or La Digue via short and cost effective charter flights, private yacht or ferry. Tons of activities await for kids including hiking trails, zip lining, snorkeling, and plenty of sandcastles to build at picture perfect beaches.

Weather: +++++

Price: ++++

Reach: ++++

Perfect for: Clear oceans with high visibility surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscapes, perfect for snorkeling and diving in the unforgettable Indian ocean.

2) Maldives

With hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is not only a honeymoon location but represents a perfect family destination. Stunning beaches and clear waters aside, warm temperatures await with idyllic scenery.

Temperatures in April are high with ~30 °C in the day but you avoid the rainy season which occurs from May to October. Similar to Seychelles, there will be rain, but it will likely be short showers that don't last long.

For families, the main island of Male is within easy reach via indirect flights from the UK with Emirates, Qatar and various European airlines. However, you will not necessarily want to stay in Mahe so transfers are required to your destination of choice via charter plane, ferry or speed boat - keep an eye on the costs as they vary. Children will be exposed to the diverse sea life, beach activities, and tons of activities specific to the island and resort where you are staying.

Weather: +++++

Price: +++

Reach: ++

Perfect for: Seclusion on a remote island for a complete switch off and R&R

3) Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos has the perfect recipe for a memorable picturesque family adventure.

With its shimmering turquoise waters, lighthearted ambiance and pristine sands, these islands are the ultimate antidote to your bustling lifestyle. Even better, you’ll discover a plethora of incredibly fun things to do in Turks and Caicos with kids.

April is at the end of peak season for Turks & Caicos. The temperature is around 29 °C, paired with a minimal chance of rain. The ocean temperature is around 26 °C and the wind is calm. At night it's around 21 °C

Providenciales is within easy reach from the UK with a direct flight via British Airways OR an indirect flight to save costs with American Airlines. Children will be occupied with luxurious kids clubs within gorgeous hotels plus plenty of beach and pool activities.

Weather: +++++

Price: ++

Reach: ++++

Perfect for: Picture perfect beaches, reefs with swimming distance from the shore and luxurious suites with private butlers

4) Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico offers so much with it's child-friendly east-coast beaches.

Beyond the beaches, there’s the ancient Maya ruins like Chichén Itzá, wildlife reserves and cenotes or sinkholes formed where porous limestone bedrock has given way and is fed by underground springs.

April is near perfect weather with warm days of 32 °C and barely any rain. You will find it's at the end of a peak period so it could be a little busy, depending on where you stay.

Cancun is within easy reach from the UK with a direct flight OR an indirect flight to save costs via British Airways, American Airlines or Virgin Atlantic. Children will be occupied at easy going hotels with a range of childcare facilities.

Weather: +++++

Price: ++++

Reach: +++

Perfect for: Lots of adventures in cenotes, picture perfect beaches and a bit of history

Image Credit: Travelling Lifestyle

5) South Africa

South Africa is a great destination for families with its beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and rich culture. April is a great time to visit South Africa, with pleasant weather and lower crowds compared to the peak summer season.

During this long Easter break, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful country. From vibrant Cape Town with plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy, to the Kruger National Park, kids are in for a list of bucket list activities including a safari, seeing penguins, visiting Table Mountain, amongst so many others. Cape Town also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world although the water temperature is still mild (16-20 °C).

In March/April, temperatures in South Africa range from around 20°C to 30°C, depending on the region.

Cape Town and Johannesburg are within easy reach from the UK with a direct flight via British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Children will be occupied at easy going hotels with a friendly staff.

Weather: ++++

Price: +++

Reach: +++

Perfect for: A bucket-list safari, picture perfect beaches, outstanding natural beauty, sealife

I really hope you found this helpful. Have a happy half term break!

Much love


The Kensington Diary


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