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5 Ways to Keep Young Kids occupied during Lockdown

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

COVID-19 lockdown has in effect, given us a new type of Spring/Summer. Usually we would be off frolicking in the waters of the Southern Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera or Italian coastlines being our go to. This year has been a different year, not just for us, but everyone. So entertaining young kids in a hot heated house with few areas to explore outside, has been more than challenging.

We had to come up with some creative ways to keep Alexander occupied and stimulated, and these are some of his favourite activities.

1) Create a fantasy space at home

For us, moving during lockdown was both a blessing and a curse. We have been unfortunate to have the stress of moving during lockdown, but lucky that he's been exposed to a new environment so it's almost like a new adventure for him. Part of his new bedroom theme, was creating a luxury escapism element, and we have done so with beautiful lights, a space projector, setting up a teddy bear's picnic or something similar. Its gone down a treat for sure!

2) Garden time

I have to say we are absolutely loving our new rooftop garden. But more so, Alexander is loving being able to splash and keep cool in the Summer heat! We bought the first one available as it seemed that so many pools were sold out so quickly with everyone being home bound with lockdown and trying to entertain their kids as much as possible. Its a simple and effective way to keep kids occupied. Add a fun water gun to the mix and its simply the best Summer for these little ones.

3) Keep the new toys away for a special introduction

Keeping the toys evolving and 'new' has been a challenge, so we when we have bought new toys, we kept them away so that they can be introduced when Alexander starts to lose interest or get bored. This works especially well. Another trick is revolving toys more often so that your children are not exposed to all toys everyday.

4) Baking or cooking with kids

Baking and cooking with kids as young as 2.5 is a great activity. Provided that they are utterly supervised, its a perfect activity to teach them new skills and keep them occupied.

5) Introduce a fun movie or series as a special treat

We did not allow screen time except for the occasional music video or movie preview in general, but as so many activities are restricted, we have changed our policy slightly. Screen time is now allowed on alternate days but as a special treat. We try to make it exciting by choosing a movie or episode that resonates with what Alexander loves or has just learnt about. Add popcorn to the mix, and its a total thrill!

Hope this helps keep your kids occupied during lockdown!


The Kensington Diary




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