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Lanzarote: First family holiday during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

2020 was a storm. In March 2020, most of the world went into a global lockdown. I took on a new role focused on global pandemic vaccine preparedness and my work hours were at their peak. We barely had a moment to breathe so when we spontaneously booked a short trip to Lanzarote, less than 8 hours before we could fly, it was truly a breath of fresh air!

We chose Lanzarote for 2 main reasons:

1) We travelled in late October-early November and the weather was predicted to still be as warm as 24-25 degrees celcius contrary to the early 20s predicted on other Mediterranean islands

2) Lanzaorte just came on to the UK green list (from the amber list) which meant that COVID-19 rates had fallen dramatically (sadly also due to lack of tourism) and no quarantine was required upon return to the UK

Our flight was more than half empty, which also reasssured us immensely. The rules in Spain were such that mask wearing was compulsory indoors AND outdoors. When we arrived, we saw people wearing masks whilst taking a walk on the street. Some might say too restrictive. However, we felt for where we were in the pandemic this was a cautious and apt approach.

We arrived at the Princess Yaiza Hotel which we booked mostly for the facilities. The kids club was unfortunately closed and so was the spa due to COVID-19 reasons which we were made of before arrival. However, the pools were open and as it was the weekend of Halloween, we had some fun activities to embrace.

I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with a quick check-in and upgrade to a large suite overlooking the pools, together with a glass of champers. The entrance atrium of the hotel is stunning and decorated with many plants, ponds and little pools. Our suite was lovely, a little dated in in the living area only, but was spacious, had a large balcony overlooking the pool, a small fully functioning kitchenette, a large bathroom with a shower and bath and bvlgari toiletries, so in all everything we needed. The hotel was operating at less than half capacity and was practically empty. However, this reassured us together with the COVID-19 measures taken.

We headed straight to the pool for a quick swim. The hotel has 2 large pools, one family pool and an adults-only pool, and one smaller childrens splashpool and outdoors jacuzzi. The next day the hotel held a Halloween event for the children where they took them trick or treating. Alex enjoyed this immensely and we suffered the sugar rush after.

The hotel doesn't have a private beach but it is alongside the public beach and has its own private area with sunbeds and umbrellas (which come at a charge). It is located alongside a promenade where numerous beach bars, restaurants, shops and cafes could be found.

In all, breakfast was our best meal of the day, and lunch was quick and satisfying, but dinner left us fairly disappointed. We thus chose to eat out for the remaining part of the trip and there were many amazing restaurants to be found on the promenade.

It was a short trip for just 5 days so we didn't venture too much around the island other than a drive to see the volcanos and sunset. It was the perfect break to recharge, relax and switch off by the beach and pool. In all, a great destination for COVID-19 safe travel and especially one that felt very secure.


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