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The Importance of Reading to Babies

Most people probably believe that a baby is not capable of understanding anything when you read to them. But, they do! Infants take in the sounds of the language when you read and find sound patterns.

I have been reading to my little one since he is 2 weeks old. We usually do it in a way so that I either lie flat next to him with the book above me or sit him up in front of me with the book flat down in front of us. He tends to love it when I read in an animated fashion, changing the volume and tone of my voice, and he reacts with lots of gurgles and coos. It helps to point out the pictures and sounds and we don't always complete a book (I stop when I see him distracted), which is okay. I tend to increase the book length and also the intensity as he gets older. It can also be established as part of the bedtime routine so that a pattern is created for baby - babies love routine!

You can choose any books to read to your baby. We started with many soft books such as 'Night Night Peter Rabbit' (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Night-Peter-Rabbit-Baby-books/dp/0723268894), then moved on to board books such as 'Peter Rabbit: My First Library' (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Peter-Rabbit-First-Little-Library).

I also tend to read full stories such as books from the Paddington Suitcase Set (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Paddington-Suitcase-Eight-book-Bear). My baby finds these very entertaining and from age 4 months, will sit through the whole book with a lot of interest and feedback!

Did you know the following facts about reading to a baby?


Reading to a baby contributes to their brain development as they grow.


This is especially important for later years when reading is critical at school.


Your babies brain connects the speech patterns when you read and they take in all the information


This first starts with their understanding vocabulary when they are young then their speaking vocabulary.

Hope this helps foster your child's love for reading!


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