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'Dans une grande âme tout est grand'

('in a great mind, everything is great')

Blaise Pascal



Welcome to The Kensington Diary,  a lifestyle resource for the discerning crowd. Founded and edited from Kensington, London, we aim to inspire and socially empower your luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel trends & choices.


With over a decade's experience in global strategic medical leadership for multi-billion blockbuster brands, Shanti extends her expertise to The Kensington Diary,  her creative outlet away from the corporate world.  


At The Kensington Diary, you will find practical lifestyle products & tips, and curated content showcasing recommendations & reviews of luxurious family-friendly hotels & resorts around the world.  We share what works for families who don't want to trade in the luxury (or style), but also some great date night spots and ideas for couples and singles, at home and away.  


Join us on this journey which navigates life through a positive lens, as we explore our wonderful world, indulge your senses and seek to inspire you!


Follow us on instagram @thekensingtondiary.


Much Love

  The Kensington Diary 



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