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Creating a Dreamy Little Boys Bedroom

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

With our home move, we have decided to change the entire theme of Alexander's bedroom. As he will shortly be turning 3, we wanted to choose a theme that will last for a few years but will also appeal to him right now. Low maintenance, resonance and luxury were the key factors here. If he could choose, he might have chosen a Lightening Mcqueen themed room and then get tired of it very quickly :) It was a sad departure from his Peter Rabbit themed nursery but one we were excited to showcase to him!

When I started looking up ideas, I mostly came across very specific themes that didn't allow much room for growth. However, the bedroom of Sophie Patterson's son served as a massive inspiration in creating Alexander's as it ticked all the boxes we wanted: grow with the child, luxurious, more neutral yet playful.

We started with a lush neutral nylon carpet in the room so we could add flexible themed rugs over to create different looks with time.

For the wardrobes, I dared be a little different here and opted for neutral coloured doors with darker wood edging, to add some detailing. Bookshelves were made in a similar fashion adjoining the wardrobes and a hint of blue LED lights on the shelves, added the perfect touch to a little's boys room.

A beautiful central cloud-like chandelier adds the perfect touch to his room and we also had a play with some novelty shaped LED lighting like a stunning little plane light from Blue Almonds.

On one wall we added gorgeous baby blue wallpaper with hot air balloons, and on the alternate wall, traditional panel detail was added. This will be further decorated with frames and more lighting. Then last and not least will be the bed, which we plan to update in a couple of months.

I look forward to how this is transitioning and it's so exciting seeing the expression on Alexander's face as each new change occurs!


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