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7 Steps for a New Bedroom Refurbishment during COVID-19

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

As many of you know and have avidly following our journey, we recently had our entire home refurbished. New floors, heating, kitchen and bathrooms, the whole works, just a complete revamp!

Our bedroom was one of my favourite rooms to decorate where we took the following steps to ensure it presented how we exactly wanted it!

1) We decided a colour palette quite early and wanted to keep this in line with the rest of property which is more neutral and elegant with a luxurious feel. We were advised to keep to three main colours which were taupe, black and white.

2) For the carpet we went for a lush nylon beige with a luxurious thick pile from Elements London, after looking at a large variety of samples.

3) We wanted to incorporate textured panelled walls with unique wallpaper and went with a forest themed one from Graham & Brown. Panelling was done on the side wall of the one part of our bedroom with wallpaper inserts.

4) We chose traditional panelled wardrobes with a modern twist by adding antique mirror details on the central doors and long slim gold handles.

5) To bring in more texture and diversity, we chose black and gold lampshades from Liang & Eimil, sourced from LuxDeco.

6) Our oil canvases were chosen from Liang and Eimil via LuxDeco to allow for a continuation of the theme. These were placed above the lampshades for further emphasis of the black and gold elements and detailing.

7) All light switches and plugs were sourced in gold from Dowsing & Reynolds.

8) Lighting for the room, which is the main part to add ambience, comprises a mix of spotlights, LED lights are the bed, and the Durham antique central chandelier from Liang and Eimil via Olivias.

9) I have to admit our bed was not our initial choice but as we shopped during the COVID-19 lockdown, where accessibility was limited, we opted for a taupe suede bed with button details.

10) We chose the Ziggy side tables from Swoon Love as we something striking, whilst my elegant antique-look dressing table (which I sometimes use as a ad hoc desk) is from RV Astley via Olivias.

The antique Marigold mirror from My-furniture perfectly complements this area together with the Miu pink velvet swivel chair from Liang & Eimil.

I am very happy with the end result. Some choices might have been different had we shopped outside the COVID-19 period, but in the end it all worked out, and the result is great!


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