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7 Tips for Travelling with Young Children during COVID-19

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

As we just took a flight to Germany with Alexander, who just turned three, I have been overwhelmed with questions about the experience with flying with such a young child.

I have listed some tips we deployed to both keep safe but also ensure that he was well entertained during entire travel experience.

1) Invest in a comfortable face mask for your kids.

They might have to wear it during the flight, whilst travelling in a taxi and in airports (note that this might not apply to all countries you travel to)

2) Talk to your kids

Explain why its important to be safe whilst travelling during COVID-19. We explained how the virus infects and how it could make some people ill. Explaining the importance of being safe is critical and why social distancing must be applied especially in busy airports. We also explained why there are now more and stricter rules in place, and why these need to be adhered to.

3) Plan your meal and snack times.

If you are taking a flight, minimise the eating/drinking time on the flight and try to eat or drink before or after. Because many restaurants/cafes at an airport might be shut, plan to take some snacks along.

4) Carry a hand sanitiser (travel size) and antibacterial wipes

Some flights might provide this but its good to come prepared. We wiped down seats and tray tables on the plane. Also wash your hands when opportunities in uncluttered areas present.

5) Plan bathroom breaks

One of the things we wanted to avoid is using the bathroom on the plane so we opted to use the bathrooms before and after the flight instead. If your kids are in nappies, its advisable to change them before or after the flight.

6) Plan a sufficient buffer for travel

Allow enough time for travel in case of delays. As we now need to take extra safety measures, this also takes extra time, so be wary of this and plan accordingly.

7) Plan in flight entertainment

Ensure you have a good selection of in flight entertainment, whether than be activity books, stickers, colouring books or movies on an i-pad. Its advisable not to have your kids run up and down the plane, so keep them occupied.

Hope these help and happy and safe travels!


The Kensington Diary



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