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Springtime Splendor: Austria's Enchanting Landscapes

As winter retreats and the first blossoms of spring paint the landscapes with vibrant hues, there’s no place quite like Austria for a family vacation steeped in luxury, culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. From the storybook village of Hallstatt, something that has been existing on our television screensaver for ages, to the historic streets of Salzburg, follow us through Austria’s most picturesque destinations, perfect for creating cherished family memories amidst opulent settings.

Landing in Salzburg or Munich then driving to Salzburg worked perfectly well for this trip as we coupled it with sights and sounds of Bavaria, Germany, which I detail in 'A German Tapestry of Adventures with Children: Bavaria and Munich'. From Munich, Salzburg is less than 2 hours away and with a rental car, this worked incredibly well.

Discovering Hallstatt: A Lakeside Treasure


Our journey began in Hallstatt, a charming village that seems plucked from a fairy tale. Nestled between the glassy waters of Hallstätter See and the dramatic Dachstein mountains, Hallstatt is renowned for its 16th-century Alpine houses and meandering alleys, making it a perfect start to a luxurious family getaway.

We explored the pristine lake by renting a private electric boat, offering a serene escape and intimate family moments surrounded by panoramic alpine vistas. Venture up the funicular railway to the ancient salt mines, where the promise of underground slides and a subterranean salt lake awaits to thrill the children.

Overall, its easy to spend a day or two here and even though we didn't stay over, I would highly recommend it if you want to visit the town at your leisure.

Salzburg: A Symphony of Culture and History


From the tranquil beauty of Hallstatt, we journey to the vibrant city of Salzburg, a city that marries rich musical heritage with baroque architecture. As the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg sings a perpetual ode to its musical son, enveloping visitors in its historical and cultural opulence.


Cultural Exploration: Immerse your family in Salzburg’s rich history with a guided tour of the formidable Hohensalzburg Fortress, perched above the city offering sweeping views and centuries-old tales. Stroll through the bustling Getreidegasse, a picturesque street lined with boutiques and historic buildings, including Mozart’s birthplace.


Musical Evenings: Enhance your visit with tickets to the Salzburg Festival, celebrated for its outstanding operatic and theatrical performances. For families, the interactive exhibits at Mozart’s Residence offer a playful introduction to the life and works of Salzburg’s most famous son.

The Enchantment of Austria’s Lakes


Beyond the cultural landmarks, Austria’s lakes offer serene beauty and boundless activities suitable for families. From Wolfgangsee to Zell am See, these sparkling waters are framed by scenic vistas and offer a plethora of outdoor adventures.


Wolfgangsee Adventures: Engage in exhilarating watersports or enjoy a tranquil ferry ride across Wolfgangsee, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and recreational offerings. Families can enjoy windsurfing, sailing, or simply unwinding by the lakeshore with a picnic of local delicacies.


Zell am See: This resort town is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and adventure. The Grand Hotel Zell am See provides a palatial stay with its lakeside spa and gourmet dining, ideal after a day of mountain exploration or lakeside activities.

Crafting the Perfect Itinerary


To truly savor the essence of Austria in spring, we recommend dedicating two to three days each to exploring Hallstatt and Salzburg, allowing for a relaxed pace that accommodates both sightseeing and leisurely enjoyment. Spend an additional few days by the lakes, where the blend of relaxation and adventure creates a perfect family retreat.


This spring, let Austria enchant you with its mix of picturesque villages, historical cities, and serene lakes. With each destination offering a unique slice of Austrian life, wrapped in luxury and natural splendor, your family is sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's exploring the salt mines of Hallstatt, enjoying a concert in Salzburg, or relaxing by the shores of Austria’s beautiful lakes, each moment is a testament to the enduring allure of this spectacular country.

With much love


The Kensington Diary




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